42nd Street Photo’s Seascape Photography Tips

Today we just want offer a few tips on shooting seascapes and landscapes. Here are just a few things you should know.

Tips you can use to prevent a tilting horizon line or shoreline.

– Use a Tripod. This helps reduce camera shake and allow to compose a more precise picture.

– The horizon may not look right, even though the camera appears perfectly level, so trust your eyes

– Wide angle lenses are commonly used for landscapes and seascapes because they will allow you to include more in the frame and open up perspective.

– Early morning and late evening are the best times for shooting landscapes. This is because the low angle of the Sun picks out shadows and reveals textures.

– Use a polarizing filter to darken the sky and saturate the colors in the landscape, this is the one filter you have for landscape/seascape photography.

– Try using a soft focus filter. These filters blur the bright areas of a scene into the shadows to give the image a glow.

– If you use a digital camera, and your camera is capable of it, shoot RAW images rather than JPGs. The RAWs will take up more room on your memory card but there’s no in-camera processing done on the image.

We hope these few tips will help you out when shooting seascapes. Come back soon for more tips from 42nd Street Photo.


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