42nd Street Photo recommends the Surefire E1B-BK-WH Backup LED Flashlight

Do you ever find yourself in a position maybe while in your car or outside at night where you may have dropped something and can’t seem to find it? Do you wish you had a flashlight that is compact and bright to make things easier when this happens? Well then I have the flashlight for you. Surefire Flashlights could be the answer you are looking for. We recommend the Surefire E1B-BK-WH Backup LED Flashlight.

SureFire illumination tools are recognized around the world for delivering maximum power in a minimal form-factor. Their flawless high-output beams, exceptional quality, and extreme durability qualify them as force-multipliers that could help you find something you may have lost at night or even disorient a threat. That’s just how bright these flashlights are.

The E1B Backup is a finger-sized dual-output LED flashlight that delivers a stunning tactical-level beam. The E1B was engineered to meet the mission-specific needs of undercover law enforcement officers, and it’s an excellent choice as an everyday light at home or on the job.

The E1B may be tiny, but it’s performance is quite outstanding; on demand this pocket-rocket powerhouse slams an 80 lumen cone of light anywhere you need it. When you need less light, for reading a map or sneaking out for a midnight snack, the E1B can be used on its power-saving setting. The resulting 5 lumen beam is enough light for navigating your hallways at midnight, or reading that MapQuest printout when you’re lost on a road without streetlamps.

These lights range from $80 – $2 and are well worth it.

Other Details:

• 1.0″ Bezel

• “Melted” styling: smooth, no sharp edges

• High: 80 lumens / 1.3 hr Low: 5 Lumens / 37 hr

• Hard anodized o-ring sealed aluminum housing is weatherproof

• Two-way belt, boot, and pocket clip works bezel-up or bezel-down

• Tailcap switch:
Press for momentary-on at high setting, release and press again within two seconds for momentary-on at low setting
Click for constant-on at high-setting, click off and on again within two seconds for constant-on at low setting

• Solid-state LED: virtually indestructible, no filament to burn out or break, lasts for thousands of hours

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