42nd Street Photo’s Tips To Taking Sharp Digital Images

The art of shooting clean and crisp images can be difficult. There are a lot of causes for poor digital images and they include things like poor focus, camera shake, noise, and subject movement. We are going to provide a few tips that will help you improve your digital images.

First and most I would check your equipment, make sure everything is clean. Dust and smudges can effect your shots. Also remember to check your image sensor for dust as this can produce blotches on your images.

Second, work on your focus. The auto focus will not always get it right. Always check that the image is in focus before hitting the shutter.

Third, how do you hold your camera? Most blur comes from camera shake. The best way to avoid this is to use a tripod but if a tripod is not available be sure you are holding your camera correctly with both hands.

Fourth, what is the shutter speed of your camera? The faster the shutter speed the less impact camera shake you will have. Also remember the faster your shutter speed the larger you will need to make your Aperture.

Last is Aperture and ISO. Decreasing your aperture – increasing the number – will increase your depth of field, meaning that the area that is in focus will include both close and distant objects. Increase the aperture and your images will be more out of focus and will need to be more exact with the object your focus your camera on.

ISO has a direct impact with the noise in your shots. For sharper images you want a lower ISO. Choose a larger ISO and you’ll be able to use faster shutter speed and smaller aperture but you’ll increase the noise of your shots.

We hope that these few tips will help to clear digital images. Be sure and check by our store for our wide selection of digital cameras.


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