Surefire Lights are the way to go

If you are in need of a pocket size flashlight that can light up a large area, then SunFire lights are the way to go. These lights are used by law enforcement and military. The bright white light from these little flashlights are one of the most powerful around.These illumination tools are recognized around the world for delivering maximum power in a minimal form-factor. The price ranges of these lights go from $40 to $250 dollars.

SureFire flashlights are known around the world as the go-to lighting system for any and every tactical scenario. In 1969, their original product line consisted of laser sighting systems for firearms. SureFire then went on to establish themselves as the leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful and compact illumination tools for tactical applications; from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights, shield lights, baton lights & hand-held lights powerful and bright enough to qualify as force-multiplier tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat.

You can take a look at our selection of SureFire Lights at our store in New York City. Be Sure and stop by and ask about the great lights.


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