42nd Street Photo’s Aerial Photography Tips

Aerial photography can offer an incredible view of the world by giving you a bird’s eye view. This kind of
photography can be tricky though due to the noise if you are on a helicopter or plane and the vibration that
usually comes with this type of photography. We are going to cover a few tips that should help whether this is a hobby or if you are a professional.

The history of aerial photography started during World War I to locate enemy positions and guide troops over land. Aerial Photography is also used for studying the topography of the region. It also helps select sites for important installations and real estate developers if they are beginning work on an extensive community.

Earplugs – The noise usually on a helicopter, plane, or hot air balloon can be deafening at times. Take some earplugs as this will help you concentrate and work better.

Camera – I would suggest taking a few cameras no matter what format you are shooting in as well as plenty of batteries and clean memory cards. You will also need a Gyro Stabilized Mounting System for your camera. This can be really expensive but you want to be stabilized in order to reduce shaking or vibrating. Make sure that you have your mounting system set up correctly before trying to take the shots. If you are going to use a digital camera at least 2 megapixels is recommended. Do your research on these items to make sure you get what is best for you.

Filters – Use a polarizing filter as well as UV filter.

Transportation – Choose the style of transportation you want to use for aerial photography depending on the job and your budget. These can range from airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons and even RC airplanes.

Time – Early or late in the day, no use in fighting the sun if you don’t have to.

If you are in a helicopter or airplane shooting from an open window is best as this will cut down on reflection. Always ask the pilot before opening the window and make sure your equipment is secure.

That is all we have today but make sure and go by 42nd Street Photo for all your camera needs.


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