Automobile Photography Tips

Today we are going to discuss automobile photography. You may have just purchased a new car and want to shoot some photos or maybe you are looking to shoot automobiles as a hobby or professionally. We are going to cover a few tips that we hope will help you along.


Keep the car on the road when shooting. Don’t take the vehicle out of it’s element.

Detail the Vehicle

You want to take pictures of a dirty vehicle? Detail the car, clean and free of water spots. Treat the tires and rims. If you have white walls, make sure they are clean. Take your detailing supplies with you just in case.


The best light is early in the morning or late in the evening. Colors look better, shadows are softer. This low-angle light covers the side surfaces with light. If you have to take photos when the sun is bright then try using a lens shade. If you don’t have a lens shade then make sure the sun is behind you.


Tripod and cable release are important here. You need to keep the camera still when shooting.

Taking the Shot

Take a series of different photos from different angles. Take shots of the vehicle off center. This will keep the shot interesting. Try also shooting from low angles and high angles, some vehicles look better from lower angles while others are viewed better from above. Don’t have things growing out of your car, in other words, that tree coming of out the hood doesn’t belong. Don’t shoot a vehicle under a tree or on grass. Keep the vehicles in its environment, asphalt, concrete, or even a dirt road.

We hope these few tips help you out and be sure and stop by 42nd Street Photo for all your camera needs.


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