Food Photography Tips

Food photography can be a little rough. It’s a great challenge to try and express taste, smell, and texture with a photograph. We will cover a few tips that will help you shoot wonderful photographs of food.

Lighting – Shoot in natural light. Try shooting near a window or outside. If you can’t get natural light so not use your flash. Flash photography is too harsh when shooting food. Try taking shots at different angles until you find the right side with the least shadows and most sharpness.

Camera Setting – Depth of field is important. A nice blur in the background will help your subject stand out. You can set the depth of field from f/1.8 to f/2.8, depending on the amount of focus. Now this will not be true for all shots so keep that in mind. Also be sure and use color balance, especially when natural light is not available. You might see your photos with a blue or yellow tint. Use the white balance setting on your camera, or adjust the color digitally later on.

Food Selection – It’s a simple fact that some foods are easier to photograph than others. For beginners you may want to start with fruits or vegetables or a well decorated dessert.Find a visual interest point on which to focus your shot like a parsley leaf or a side of butter or sour cream.

Food Styling – Food will benefit from the objects that are around your subject. Moving around a glass, napkin, or cutlery can make your subject stand out.

Be sure and also get in as close as you can. Use the macro setting on your camera if it has one

We hope these few tips help you out. We hope you come back for more tips from 42nd Street Photo.


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