42nd Street Photo’s Christmas Photography Tips

The holidays are here and if you are like our family then you take a lot of pictures. With Christmas right around the corner 42nd Street Photo thought we could provide you with a few tips for this special occasion.

Prepare – Have you camera ready of course, batteries and extras and that they are charged. You might also pack extra memory cards.

Remember to shoot preparation photos making the food or setting up the Christmas tree or outdoor lights.

Instead of placing your main subject in the center of the scene – with a lot of dead space around it – Off center your main subject.

The most important thing to keep in mind when photographing groups and families is this: you absolutely must take a lot of photos.

You have a nice group photo, take three or four shots. It’s always tough to capture good expressions of multiple people in a photo.

Consider adding props in your photo that reflect that holiday. For Christmas photo cards, you might add Santa hats, wreaths, ornaments, bows, reindeer antlers, candy canes, gift boxes with ribbons and bows, etc.

See how things look at angles higher or lower than normal eye level.

Get up close. For example, every Christmas tree is unique–even if you tend to use most of the same decorations for several years, how you arrange them is going to be different.

We hope these few tips will help you with your photography during the holidays.


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