42nd Street Photo’s Sensor Cleaning Tips for DSLR Camera

Here are a few tips from 42nd Street Photo for keeping your camera clean and free of dust.

Check if full frame sensor is dirty

– Stick on a telephoto lens. Select f22 aperture. Select the maximum telephoto if a zoom lens. Focus to infinity.
– Point the camera at a white wall. If no white wall try a clean piece of paper.
– Let the camera select an auto shutter speed. It does not matter if you have camera shake, 0.5 to 2 seconds is fine. The idea is to have a blank subject and have the camera exposure meter turn this medium grey.
– Transfer the photo to your computer. View the photo at around 1600 x 1200. You should see any dust and marks easily.

Minimizing dust

– Switch off camera before changing lenses. This reduces charge on sensor which helps reduce dust attraction.
– Hold camera downwards when changing lenses to stop heavier dust floating into the chamber.
– Hold the lenses downwards after removing from camera for the same reason.
– Put a dust cap on lens as soon as not in use.
– Keep camera bag clean if you keep lenses in your camera bag.
– If you keep lens caps in your pocket then do not attach them to body caps without dusting them first as this will eventually transfer lint and dust in your pocket to the sensor.
– If you keep lenses in your pocket during a shoot then clean your pockets first.
– Generally keep your gear clean. I wipe my gear clean with a damp cloth after each trip.


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