42nd Street Photo Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween is a difficult holiday to shoot because most of the action occurs after dark, and low light will make it difficult for your camera to get a sharp shot. You’ll get your best Halloween photos at dusk. For that hour or so while the sun is setting, you’ll have enough natural light so you won’t have to use your flash. After the sun goes down, use a high ISO setting and hold your camera as steady as you can or you may use a tripod to capture action. Attempt to avoid using a flash. Try to use other light sources to give your images an eerie glow. Use an extra candle or two inside the pumpkin or have someone stand off to the side with a flashlight. If you have to use a flash make sure there are no reflective surfaces behind what you are shooting. Halloween is not a bright holiday do darker shots work in your favor.

Masks – You might know who that child behind the mask is, but will anyone else? Make sure you have at least one Halloween photo of the kids before they put on their costumes or makeup.

Get down at their level. Be sure to photograph kids at their level, not yours. A camera pointed downwards at a child “looks” down on them both figuratively and literally. Crouch down and take head-on and close-up shots of kids for a warmer, more intimate Halloween photo. It’s the best way to capture their emotions.

Get up close. No matter the subject of your Halloween photos whether a  jack-o-lantern or a group of children in costume or a bowl of candy just make sure you get up close and personal. Keep any background elements that could be distracting out of the frame.

Craft a Halloween story. Your Halloween photos should walk viewers through the events of the day, from putting on the costume to the school haunted house to trick-or-treating and the haul of candy that’s accumulated during the evening. Capture everything through your camera: the ambiance, the decorations, the kids and the parents.

Candid Camera: You want want to take plenty of photos of your kids in costume, but stay away from posed, static shots. Be sure and capture the unexpected and unplanned moments.

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