Tips for macro photography using a point and shoot camera from 42nd Street Photo

Macro photography is a fun and interesting way to look at the world. Just because you don’t have a dslr camera with a specialty macro lens, doesn’t mean you can’t take great macro pictures. With a little practice, you can take great shots.

Turn to the macro setting on your camera. This may seem obvious, but it is easily overlooked. Also, make sure you know how to use different settings once you have switched to macro. This will vary with your camera, so check your manual for more information.

Take pictures in a well lit location. You may not have much control over your onboard flash. Choose a sunny day or use an external flash for the best results.

Use manual focus if possible. Your camera may not allow to switch to manual focus once in macro mode, but if it does, try it. This way you can get exactly what you want in focus. If you cannot use manual focus, keep playing with the shot, changing the angle a bit, until you like what you see.

If you can adjust the aperture after switching to macro mode, try using a small aperture (a large number). This will result in a large depth of field and everything in focus. You can also go to a larger aperture (a small number) to decrease the depth of field and focus in on something special.

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