42nd Street Photo’s tips for shooting in low light

Want to take a beautiful night pictures, but keep coming out with blurry nothingness? Try these tried and true tips for the best pictures you have ever taken.

The first and easiest tip is to use a tripod. The slightest shake and your pictures can turn out blurry. A tripod or monopod will help with this.

If you are shooting your son’s football game at night, you may not be able to use a tripod or monopod. Raise your ISO to 400 or 800 or even higher if necessary and if your camera allows it. If you get noise in your pictures with the higher ISO’s there are several software programs that can help remove it.

If possible, lean on something. Anything that will keep you steady, will keep your camera steady.

Keep your arms tight to your side not away from your body. Again, anything to keep you and the camera steady.

If possible, use your flash. Your on board flash will work for several feet, but usually past approximately 10 feet, you should use an external one.

If your camera allows, shoot multiple shots with the shutter held down. The first shot may be a bit blurry simply from the movement of your finger pressing the shutter, but subsequent shots won’t have that vibration.

And, my favorite tip is to keep practicing. I’m sure you can find many excuses to grab your camera after dark and take pictures. Have fun with it!

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