Simpler Digital Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop C4

For anyone that has tried to use Adobe Photoshop, the interfacemay have seemed to become more complicated with subsequent versions of the software. A lot of people have complained about the complexity of Photoshop before, but this latest version has implemented a lot of features to make editing photos taken with your digital camera that much easier.

The first big feature with Photoshop CS4 is the application frame, which allows for easier editing of multiple digital photos at the same time. Before, the user would be forced to tab through, or minimize/maximize open files to switch between then, but with the application frame, selecting the working file is as easy as clicking its thumbnail.

Zoom has also been improved, providing smoother rendered images at any level. Instead of half pixels, or rough edges previously seen on certain zoom levels, Photoshop CS4 renders a clearer image, to make editing at any zoom easier.

In addition to ease of use, certain tools have gotten a revamp to make them better for editing digital photos. The dodge and burn tools, for example, were once a trial and error tool, to darken or lighten certain areas, often making it near impossible to achieve the desired result without a lot of undos. Now, they have been reworked to better manipulate shading techniques.

Another features that photographers will love to experiment with is the depth-of-field extender, which makes panorama composites a cinch.

Other new features include a navigation bar, which shows you the exact location of the file you are working on, a carousel style browser to flip through files, and the ability to organize images without moving folders and files around.

For the avid digital photographer, 42nd Street Photo highly recommends this worthwhile purchase ($700) or upgrade ($200).


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