The Panasonic Lumix G1 Has Landed

Panasonic Lumix G1

Panasonic Lumix G1

Last week, I discussed the differences between the simple point-and-shoot digital camera and the DSLR (digital single lense reflex) camera. One of the main differences was size, as the hardware for a SLR camera calls for a larger body, longer lense, and more gadgetry on the inside.

This however, will no longer be a concern when it comes to purchasing a camera made by Panasonic. The Lumix G1 is not just a better DSLR, it is in a class of its own.  The general idea here is that it combines the best aspects of a single lense reflex with those of the EVF (electronic viewfinder).

The advantage that the Lumix has over your ordinary DSLR camera is its size and convenience, with its Four-Thirds sized sensor and smaller lense mount. Its advantage over EVF cameras, is its clean and stable capture, plus quick autofocus, as SLR’s are known for.

The camera is not yet available for purchase, but you can be sure that as soon as it is, 42nd Street Photo will be offering it to you in store and on our website.


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